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Brandon's Battle with Leukemia

Four months ago Brandon Johan Proeitto Blanco, 23, was diagnosed with leukemia. His doctors had little hope for him since he and his mother did not have the funds to cover the costs of his treatment. However, Bradon and his mother were not willing to surrender so easily. Despite the shortage of medicines throughout Venezuela, he went to seek support. After days of being rejected by several organizations, he found us. In recent months, our two non-profit organizations Venezuela180 ( www.venezuela180.com) and Feedings Smiles ( www.feedingsmiles.org) have been supporting Brandon by covering the medical expenses of his treatment and food expenses. However, we need your support to continue helping Brandon. Brandon's treatment is long and expensive. Brandon was diagnosed with Acute Common Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) relapse and was assigned to a treatment called AALL02P2 protocol or "CONSUR." The treatment consists of 8 phases of high-dose chemotherapy and lasts an estimated time of 2 years. During this time, he must have laboratory controls to track his evolution and recovery.

Due to the nature of this disease and the treatment, you should always be prepared with several drugs and antibiotics for possible complications or relapses. Therefore, Brandon must be maintained with a good diet so that it stays in an optimal condition and prevents such relapses. Currently, the hospital where he is staying can provide chemotherapy, but not antibiotics, food or medical exams. Our organizations have committed to cover these expenses but we need your help to achieve this goal. During the last months, Brandon has reacted extremely well to the treatment. Currently, there are only 4.8% of the cancer cells in his blood. Now, we want to continue helping him to give him a new life. Please help us. No matter how big or small your contribution you are saving a life.

Thank you,

Jimy Beltran (Venezuela180), Vanessa & Oriana Guzman (Feeding Smiles)

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